Les 30 étapes pour accéder à la maîtrise de votre art

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The 30 Steps to Mastery

1. Start
2. Keep going.
3. You think you're starting to get the hang of it.
4. You see someone else's work and feel undeniable misery.
5. Keep going.
6. Keep going.
7. You feel like maybe, possibly, you kinda got it now.
8. You don't.
9. Keep going.
10. You ask for someone else's opinion--their response is standoffish, though polite.
11. Depression.
12. Keep going.
13. Keep going.
14. You ask someone else's opinion--their response is favorable.
15. They have no idea what they're talking about.
16. Keep going.
17. You feel semi-kinda favorable and maybe even a little proud of what you can do now.
18. Self-loathing chastisement.
19. Depression
20. Keep going.
21. You ask someone else's opinion--they respond quite favorably.
22. They're still wrong.
23. Depression.
24. Keep going though you can't possibly imagine why.
25. Become restless.
26. Receive some measure of praise from a trustworthy opinion.
27. They're still fucking wrong (Right?)
28. Keep going just because there's nothing else to do.
29. Mastery arrives, you mistake it for a gust of wind.
30. Keep. Fucking. Going.

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image d'Alexia Tsotsis


A Letter a Week

52 lettres découpées, de a à z :
26 en noir sur blanc,
26 en blanc sur noir,
reliées en recto/verso sur concertina,
7 x 7 x 7 cm
Voici le livre fini pour le challenge d'ALAW
Black and White and a touch of recto/verso

 j'ai recouvert les plats de quelques contre-formes découpées des lettres... étranges graphismes...